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Location Sourcing
We provide a UK-wide location sourcing and lease negotiation service. We work for occupiers, not for property owners, so we have access to every vacant property on the market. Working to your brief, we carry out a personalised property search and negotiate space hire on your behalf.
How it works...
We agree a brief of your property requirements
We carry out a property search based on your brief
We set up site visits of potential locations
Once we have identified the right location, we negotiate terms with the property owner, securing the best deal for you
We can offer additional support - for example advising on budget, business rates, planning, licensing, health & safety and insurances
Unlike other property agents we don't base our fee on a percentage of the rent. We charge a reasonable flat fee, enabling you to build your location sourcing costs into your budget from the start.

Call us on 01273 464 179 for a quote tailored to your requirements.
Click here for examples of projects we've been working on recently.
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